About Mommy Bee

The Mommy Bee (LB) has been involved in online blogging since the early days of livejournal and has been curious about the internet since she was first introduced to the concept in 1997. She went from graduating with a 3.5 GPA in Digital Film and Television production and moved into working in the digital world. 6 years later and she has been a web content coordinator, project manager in digital product development and is currently a project manager in digital advertising.

LB met The Daddy Bee (M) at the young age of 15 while at church and things have never been the same. After 6.5 years of dating, they finally said “I do” in 2007 and have been married for 5. A year and half after being married, they moved into their first home. Just under a year after that, they welcomed their first child, a daughter, Baby Bee (A). Two and a half years later, Mommy, Daddy and Baby Bee welcomed a little boy (W), whom A liked to call “baby squirrel”.

This blog was born when L began participating at an online forum for expecting mommies. The early posts are transcribed from those forum topics and then evolved into more blog-like posting once A was born.

Now, L likes to focus blogging on life as a mom, wife and full-time career woman. The balancing act to be all things to all people has left L one busy Mommy Bee.


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