Where Has the Time Gone?

*ahem* Is this mic on?

I am both amazed and embarrassed that it’s been exactly three years and one day since I last posted here. I guess you could say that life got in the way of being able to write, and it’s absolutely true. While birthdays and holidays came and went, obstacles were overcome and milestones were met, I never sought to write it down in long-format.

My baby bees have grown so much! DD is now 7 and DS is almost 5! Also, a year ago, DH and I added a new baby bee to our little hive. DS2 will be a year old this weekend, which means another party!

I’m not sure what direction I will be taking with his blog, or if I just mean to have it as something for me and my family to look back on for years to come, but it’s here, and I will use it.

Expect me to back-fill some birthday celebrations, because I do enjoy party planning – not just for my kids, but for guests as well!

Welcome (back) to the hive!


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