A Very Tangled Birthday Party

My little girl turned three last week. When did the little baby who fit in the crook of my arm become the active and imaginative child I see before me now?

About six months before her birthday, we asked A what kind of party she wanted. It ranged from Princess to pirate to fairy and even a fairy-pirate-princess party. Then we saw Tangled and she was sold on a “Rapunzel” party.

I spent a significant amount of time on Pinterest looking for the best of what each party offered and would fit our home. I think with our own added creativity, we had a pretty fun and cute party!



When entering the house, there are a few steps up, so it was the perfect spot to hang a Rapunzel braid. We used 1 pound of yarn and wound it around two chairs spread 15′ apart. After looping the end and braiding (tutorial to come) we had a 12′ braid. I added fabric flowers to look like Rapunzel’s hair in the kingdom scene and voila! It even doubles as a great dress-up accessory.


My husband decided to go crazy with yellow streamers. We originally were going to drape it around the perimeter of the party area, but changed our minds as things evolved. Instead, the strands pick up where the yarn braid ends and continues down the hall and then spreads out over the ceiling. It’s pretty dramatic and effective for little effort.


The focal point of the room was the “throne room”. Here, we put banners on the bookcases like you see in the castle when Flynn steals the crown. Above the TV (where the movie was playing), is a strand of outdoor lantern lights that I attached sun flags to. They represent the bunting in the kingdom and the floating lights Rapunzel wants to see. I had a longer strand on the opposite wall but somehow forgot to take a picture.



Here you can see how the banners were made. I had to lengthen the bristol board to get the size I wanted, and then stenciled on the sun and painted on the stripe. My paint was thin, so it came out patchy and I just had to embrace the look instead of fight it.

To make the bunting flags, we made a stencil by cutting out the sun shape from a piece of plastic that the lanterns were packaged in. I then painted each one on. There were 50 in total and didn’t actually take too long to complete. For the flags strung on ribbon and the Happy Birthday banner (not pictured) I cut a slit in each corner and laced the ribbon through.


Right before the party I realized I hadn’t added Rapunzel’s friend, Pascal, to the decorations. I happened to have pipe cleaners around (go figure) so I found a quick tutorial online and made four in different colours. I put the green Pascal on the throne and put a blue, purple and lavender version on each lamp shade in the room.



I made “Golden Flower Punch” based on the drink they make to heal the ailing queen using the magic flower. It’s 1 can frozen lemonade, 1 can frozen orange juice and 1 can frozen mango juice. I used as much water as each can suggested and threw in a handful of ice to keep it cold. The dispenser was borrowed from my mother-in-law and I love that we used it.

I also made a golden flower, which you can see in the bouquet in the back of the photo. I didn’t go so far as to paint it, but added curled pipe cleaners to a dollar store lily.


I made braided breadsticks and put them in a frying pan! I thought it was clever and then realized that I saw it on Stefanie Burt’s blog. I made pizza dough using my bread machine and rolled out wads about the size of a ping pong ball into ropes for braiding. Before baking i brushed them with olive oil and sprinkled sea salt on top. I learned a few things making these: let the dough rise for 20 mins before baking, twist the ends of the dough or else it will come undone in the oven and 20 mins at 375 was too long to bake. Also, it was suggested that I try serving them warm. I agree, but didn’t have the oven space by the time the actual food got in there. next time I might try and make a dip for them.


This is just the food table with snacks. We also served a green salad, quinoa salad, roasted potatoes and chicken. So very yummy!


Opposite to the food was where I kept the table wear. It also was a handy loot bag table. I found Tangled wrapping paper at the dollar store and made a personalized sun flag for each child. The boys got a wooden ship (from the lantern scene), a sticky octopus (because I couldn’t find a lizard), hand puppet tattoos (because, why not?) and a tempra paint pallet (for Rapunzel’s love of painting). The girls got paint, but also got Rapunzel tattoos, a Tangled brush and a tiara. I really wanted a helmet for the boys, but had no luck finding any affordable ones.



This amazing cake and cupcakes were made by a friend. I saw a similar cake by Caila Made on Pinterest and knew it was perfect for the party. It’s funfetti cake with buttercream icing and marshmallow fondant. Yes, it’s as good as it sounds. My daughter told me it was her favourite thing about her party. I even found candles with colored flames, which was a neat touch.

It all came together better than I had hoped and the best part was that my daughter loved it. In fact, we are going to put the decorations into the play area of the basement so they don’t go to waste and get to be enjoyed a little bit longer.

Though she wasn’t feeling well for part of the day (we think the excitement got to her) the party was a hit. Even those who hadn’t seen the movie enjoyed what they saw – especially since the movie was playing as everyone arrived giving them context if they didn’t know what was going on.

I can’t wait to get creative with the next event coming up: Christmas!


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