Mommy Fit: Week 1 Roundup

Week 1 has finished and it’s time to check in in my progress.

Days Exercised: 3
Measurements (may be affected by the clothes I was wearing)
– bust: 36″ (-0.5″)
– waist: 32″ (0)
– hips: 37″ (-1″)
– last weigh-in: 141
– current weight: 141 (64kg)
– loss or gain: 0
– BMI: 22.68

So I admit that I didn’t get to exercise every day and there wasn’t a significant change in my stats. I should have realised that since it was a long weekend that we would be out and about and too tired or busy to exercise.

The good news is that on day 2 I got my husband into exercising as well. We both could use it, so I’m glad he has gotten involved. Our daughter even plays along when he goes for a “run” or hula hoops.

When it came to actual exercise, I did stick to one of each category and then would finish the time period with anything else I wanted to do. Fortunately, I got some great advice and bumped up my exercise time from 10 minutes to 20, to help kick start a calorie burn for the rest of the day.

On day 2 I decided to try out Wii Fit Plus and found that it had all the original games, but with more features, so I switched. The downside to this is that it weighs in kilograms, and though I am a good Canadian girl, I still prefer reading pounds when it comes to weight.

In this second week, I need to be more diligent. I will exercise in the morning and not wait for hubby to wake up in the afternoon to exercise together. Wii Fit actually advises that you weigh yourself at the same time every day to avoid false weight readings, so that means I need to be more consistent. I am going to do more running and biking because those get my heart going and my muscles burning. I also need to be consistent in what I wear when exercising or measuring because it will throw off my results.

Being disciplined is the hardest part, but using Wii Fit is fun and I’m glad everyone can get involved.

See you same time next week!


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