My Mommy Fit Challenge

It’s been 15 weeks since I had my son, and unlike after having my daughter, it has been harder to drop the baby weight. I walked into labour and delivery at 168 and left at 152. On my own (many thanks to breastfeeding) I have lost more, but it has been considerably slower. Fat sure does love to stick to your belly and thighs, doesn’t it?

In five weeks my family is going in vacation. I am not trying to get into bikini shape (Lord knows I will never wear a bikini again!) but I would like to fit into the pile of shorts that I bought last summer that are a tight squeeze now.

In order to start this challenge I have decided to focus on using the Wii Fit game. Why? Because it means I don’t have to leave home, it’s low-impact exercise and my kids will be entertained watching me wiggle around on the balance board.

Now, in order for this to be a five-week challenge, I need rules and criteria. So my rules are:

1. I will exercise once, daily
2. Exercises will last a minimum of 10 minutes
3. I will complete at least one exercise from each category.

Each week I will check in with the details of my weight and measurements to track my progress. Yes, I will try to eat healthy. No, I don’t expect to do any other exercising beyond walking with my kids.

Here is how I (and you, if you join me) will track my progress:

Days exercised
– bust (inches lost)
– waist (inches lost)
– hips (inches lost)
Weight according to Wii Fit
– last weigh-in
– current weight
– loss or gain

So without further ado, here is my starting point.
Days exercised: 0
– bust: 36.5
– waist: 32 (having two kids will do this)
– hips: 38 (I have boo-tay)
– last weigh-in: 152 (the day I left the hospital)
– current weight: 141
– loss or gain: -11 (in the last 15 weeks)
– BMI: 22.64 (normal)

Now off to make a fool of myself while my kids watch. Wish me luck, I hope you join in on the fun.


2 thoughts on “My Mommy Fit Challenge

  1. best of luck, Laura!

    Just a small thing I learned — exercise really needs to be 20 minutes or longer to get your heart pumping enough to provide long-term effects. If you can wiggle your butt on the wii fit board for a full 20 minutes and break a bit of a sweat, you will be burning calories for several hours after that you would not have done otherwise.

    Of course, ANY exercise is better than no exercise– just something to keep in mind!

    1. Thanks for the tip, Lis! I had no idea how an extra ten minutes would have such greater effects. I set my minimum to ten because sometimes the patience of my kids only lasts that long.

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