LFMF: How Not to Get Ready for a Walk

The other day I decided to take advantage of the nice morning weather and take the kids for a walk in the double stroller (an amazing Graco Ready2Grow, btw). I remember how challenging I found getting everything out and ready for a walk when it was just my daughter, so I thought I had prepared myself for taking out two. I was wrong.

Here is what I’d like to call “Learn From My Fail: How Not to Get Ready for a Walk”

Step 1: Decide to go on a walk; don’t tell the kids. As soon as they know this is your plan, they WILL run for the door and make your job much harder.

Step 2: Get the stroller. Remember that your double stroller is in the basement and lug it up a flight of stairs, maneuver it out the door and unfold it. Forgetting how to open the stroller will make this step twice as long.

Step 3: Get the kids. If you messed up step 1, chances are one or both will already be nipping at your heels. Now that the stroller is outside, they will probably be attempting to get in and (hopefully) strap themselves into their seat, as did my daughter. Run inside and get your other kid and hope that your neighbours don’t notice the 30 seconds you have left your daughter at the door unattended. Strap both kids in and don’t forget to attach the hoods that you haven’t yet figured out how to install.

Step 4: Gather the things you forgot you should have had ready to go out. The diaper bag, water, hats, cell phone and if you’re lucky like me, your daughter’s shoes, which she will promptly refuse to wear. Yes, this means leaving the kids strapped into the stroller at the door for another 30 seconds. Pray that no one is watching you to add to your stress and guilt. Shove the diaper bag sideways into the basket making all the contents fall out (but luckily they land in the basket), hand out water bottles and hats and off you go.

Step 5: Consult the weather. Even though it looks and feels nice outside when you start, you’ll forget that it’s supposed to feel like 35C degrees (95F) out that day and at only 11am it is far too hot to have gotten yourself into this mess. The bright side is that you can probably afford to burn off those extra calories because of the heat.

After this lovely jaunt, we rewarded ourselves with giant freezies, air conditioning and sitting on my butt for an extended period of time while I cooled off. And yes, read those steps again because it did happen in that order. I think I should print them on cards and put them in the right order and keep them as a reminder next time we want to go out for a walk.

So learn from me and give spur of the moment ideas a little more thought. That, or hope your neighbours are at work or still asleep while you run in and out like a fool.


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