The Hot Pink Zebra Baby Shower


Recently a few friends and I threw a baby shower for my good friend D, who is having her first baby this month. A while back we asked to throw her a shower and had literally months to prepare.

D has a great sense of style and has a crisp eye, so when I volunteered to do the decorations, I asked her for ideas leading to a theme that she would like to see.

What I got was a link to another baby showed done in hot pink with zebra stripes. It was enough for me to run with and soon Pinterest and I became close friends when it came to sourcing ideas.

In the end there were lots of compliments and D was happy, which is what I was going for. Here are a few pictures and descriptions of what was put together.


The tables were all set with hot pink table cloths I picked up at the dollar store. To keep costs down, plates were white with black and white cups. Clear plastic cutlery was wrapped in zebra and pink napkins and placed at each setting.

Centerpieces were mini diaper cakes wrapped in hot pink and zebra striped ribbon I picked up at Walmart. Each had a hot pink Gerbera daisy I bought in a bunch at the dollar store. They were placed on an extra zebra napkin and flanked by a baby food jar tea light that has hot pink tissue paper glued to the outside. The food tables (not pictured) were decorated in a similar fashion. Thank you, Pinterest!


There were two tables at the focal point; one for gifts and the other for the cake. I will show the cake in a moment. The gift table had a box wrapped in hot pink wrapping paper and a slot on top for cards. It also included a three-tiered diaper cake that coordinated with the theme and was topped with a tiny plush zebra. I also attached Burt’s Bees travel-sized products to it as a small addition to the gift. The book at the front is a baby advice book. It was made by cutting card stock in half and punching holes through each layer. I glued on tissue paper to the front and back and tied it all together using some zebra ribbon. Lastly, the table had some left over mini diaper cakes and tea lights.


The cake was made by Esther at The Frosted Cake Boutique and wad chocolate covered in marshmallow fondant. It was set on a matching table. It wasn’t served to the guests, but D cut the cake at the end of the party and had a slice for herself. It was too pretty to cut up!


We set the tables on either side of a plush chair where D opened her gifts. Behind the chair are two floor lamps from Ikea that happened to be in the room when we arrived. Above is string seven tissue paper poms. This didn’t turn out as planned because the room had very high ceilings and exposed metal beams, but D has now hung them above her daughter’s crib, which makes it totally worth all the effort. Lastly is tr baby shower banner. It was actually left over from my shower but was a different cookout scheme, so I painted the letters white, punched holes on either end and threaded it into coordinating ribbon.

It was a lot of fun for me to put this all together, even though some of my grander ideas didn’t come to fruition because of budget and time constraints. I do have two kids to care for, after all.

This has really kick started ideas for my daughter’s birthday party and it isn’t until September! I hope there will be more parties like this on the future. Not just for the decorations but because BABIES!


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