Seana Never Tapped

On Saturday, May 19 at 4:30pm the world lost a warrior to cancer at the young age of 31.

Seana was a childhood friend and the daughter of one of my mother’s close friends. Though we were never close ourselves, I was always “in the know” so to speak of the goings on in the family, including Seana’s life and diagnosis.

At 26, Seana was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. This cancer is rare and even rarer in young women and she began treatment in what would be a six year-long journey.

One of the first and most impressionable things I saw Seana do after her diagnosis was show everyone how to live life with purpose. Not only did she go traveling, but she also took up new sports like snowboarding, and most significantly, Brazilian Ju-Jitsu.

At Seana’s memorial many reflected on her love of the sport and told everyone about the most remarkable event in her BJJ career. At one particular match, Seana was taken in a hold by her opponent. Being one never to give up – in a challenge so simple as a BJJ match compared to her overall fight with cancer – Seana wouldn’t tap despite her position. Instead, she held on, keeping her own in the hold until her arm broke under the pressure.

This anecdote illustrates a remarkable life that made such an impression on everyone she met. In her fight against cancer, she never gave up. Seana never tapped.

This September 9th, family and friends will be coming together for the Walk of Hope to end Ovarian cancer in honor of Seana. If you can spare a moment, please consider a donation to their team.

Click to Donate to team Seana Never Tapped at the Walk of Hope

I personally thank you and thank Seana for being such an incredible positive influence on so many lives, including my own.


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