Welcoming William

40 weeks flew by, didn’t they? Well, after 9 quick months, we are happy to share the news of the birth of our son! Now he’s almost 6 weeks old, so it’s about time I shared this story.

Name: William Samuel Wayne
Due Date: March 8
Birth Date: March 9
Gestational Age: 40 weeks 1 day
Weight: 9lbs 1oz
Height: 21.5in

At my 39 week appointment with my OB, which was routine, my Doctor presented me with an alternate plan should I make it to 40 weeks pregnant with no signs of labour. Since I was early with A, no one thought that I would be pregnant much longer, including my OB. Since she was on-call the Friday after my due date, she suggested we have our check-up there and if I were physically ready, she would induce.

I was skeptical about having an induction, because I didn’t want it to lead down the path to major surgery, but since even my doctor didn’t think I’d still be pregnant by then, we agreed to the plan.

Friday morning came and we still didn’t have a baby, so off to the hospital we went.

I was checked in as a patient, though I still thought there was a chance I would be sent home, and were shown to our private room. My nurse, Patti, came in and we realized that we weren’t leaving without a baby.

My OB arrived and examined me, surprised that I was still pregnant; she had been checking the L&D logs, expecting me to have given birth already. She declared that I was 2-3cm dilated and proceeded to strip my membranes (I’ll let you Google that description if you don’t already know). Ouch! I was then instructed to walk, which I did off and on for two hours. At 11am my OB broke my water to get things started and by lunch, I was regularly contracting on my own every 3-5 minutes.

After my water broke, I was told they would start pitocin after 2hrs if I didn’t go into labour on my own. While I did, once I got unto bed, the contractions slowed again.

I really didn’t want pitocin because it increases the intensity of contractions, leading to an epidural, which can slow things down. It’s a slippery slope and the only medical intervention I was prepared for was the epidural. Unfortunately for me, by 4pm, the pitocin was well on it’s way into my system and I awaited the arrival of the anesthesiologist.

Just before 6pm I got the epidural. It is a God-send and isn’t nearly as scary as most think. However, it didn’t take fully on my left side and I had reaction where my chest was itchy, so I was rolled over on my left side and given a Benadryl drip, which, I hoped, would let me get some sleep.

After the epidural, I was 5cm dilated and Patti went on break. The covering RN suddenly gave me an oxygen mask and rolled me back to my right with no explanation. Patti later told me it wasn’t necessary, but it was because the RN saw a deceleration in baby’s heart rate from me laying on my left side.

When Patti came off dinner, I told her I was feeling pressure. When she checked she said I would be pushing on the next contraction. It was great news, but I didn’t know how I’d do it feeling mostly numb and more than a little bit drowsy.

By the way, the total elapsed time from getting the epidural to fully dilated was 40 minutes.

It took 20 minutes after the Doctor arrived while I pushed through every contraction (which I felt on the left side, by the way) for me to deliver. The Doctor and nurses kept saying the baby was big, but I didn’t know what that meant. What did a seasoned medical staff consider “big”?

Once the baby popped out, Hubby declared it was a boy and everyone reacted to his (apparently large) size. He was a 9/9 on the APGAR score and then we all gasped when his 9lb 1oz weight was announced.

Apparently I deserve a medal.

The hospital discharged us the following night after everything checked out. He had some jaundice and was sore from his circumcision, but otherwise was a happy and healthy newborn.

I recovered from birthing faster this time than with A. Dear W is a great baby who loves sleep. Mommy loves him even more for that.

6 weeks in and we are finding our groove. I am still working on learning his daily habits, but we’re getting better. A is a fantastic big sister and only acts up when she wants some attention. She loves to watch W and asks tons of questions about him and dutifully watches over him if I need to step away from view for a moment.

I look forward to him growing up and seeing all his firsts. Life is good in our little family of four.


One thought on “Welcoming William

  1. Way to go Laura! His weight at birth was amazing! I’m physically incapable of delivering a child of that size, which has led to two C. Sections, so I’m jealous lol.

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