Half way to sleep trained!

I have to say, since I last posted, our sleep situation has changed with interesting effects.

First, our bedtime routine has changed. I start by telling A that it’s bedtime and she marches off to the bedroom. There, she gets her pacifier, diaper change and into her jammies. She will also have some milk while “In the Night Garden” starts up. I have to say, this show has made a huge difference in our bedtime routine. A now knows that once the show is over it’s time for bed. Some nights early on she refused and tried to get out of bed, but other times she rolls over when I turn the TV off and off to la-la land she goes. Typically before the end or as the show ends she starts asking to nurse, and I let her.

Once she falls asleep, she gets moved to her bed in our room until she wakes up. What I am trying to get better at now is putting her back there once she wakes. It’s too easy for me to let her sleep next to me because it means I can fall asleep sooner, but evidence shows that she sleeps longer in her own bed than next to me. That means we all get better sleep so I need to be more diligent at this.

When she wakes, I offer her milk. Now some mothers (and dentists) would have a stroke to hear that I do this, but it’s with reason, at least for now. I tried giving her water instead of milk but she woke up more compared to nights she had full fat milk instead. Since she takes a pacifier which means saliva is flowing I feel that she’s at a lower risk of milk sugars affecting her teeth. Again, this is only for now. I expect to get her back on water once we progress with sleep.

If she goes back to sleep at this point in her bed, that’s great; it’s happened a few times. Usually though, she ends up in bed with me. I’m working on it! However last night I woke up to her sleeping on my shoulder with no recollection on how she got there. Whoops, bad Mommy.

So this is where we’re at. Some nights are better than others but the idea is that we remain consistent if we feel something is working.

I read a great series of blog posts at theleakyb@@b who just recently had success sleep training her youngest. It’s a method I had not heard before, only being familiar with Ferber, Pantley and Sears. It’s by Dr. Gordon titled “Sleep, Changing the Patterns in the Family Bed”. I highly recommend you read this and the 7 day experience theleakyb@@b and The Piano Man went through to go from a booby baby to a little one who now sleeps for 11 hours without waking!

Wish us luck; it looks like we’re heading for the second phase of this journey.


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