Time for sleep training! But how?

Yes, we should have done this sooner. No, I don’t know why I didn’t. I guess as a first-time parent I thought this sleep thing would work itself out. All the baby books said that once a child reached 12lbs they should be able to sleep through the night. My daughter is now 24 pounds, so why hasn’t she started yet? Oh, babies don’t come pre-programmed knowing everything? Drat, there goes the hope that she had got that memo.

I admit that having her co-sleep with me was selfish for a few reasons. Hubby works nights so I was less alone with A in bed with me. I also got more sleep because she wasn’t waking me up as much to deal with her every beck and call. She also has never has liked sleeping in her crib. It all started when I was sleep-deprived when she had a cold at 5 months old and plopped her in bed one night. She magically slept longer next to me and it sort of stuck.

So now I have a 21 month-old who wakes twice a night wanting to nurse. She flips and flops sometimes waking just to settle back once she has her pacifier again. She also hates blankets and likes to pull them off me so she can sleep snuggled with her back on my chest. Be still my beating heart. I love cuddling with her, but I draw the line at waking me up to do it!

Here’s the run-down of things I have to deal with in this sleep training business:
– night weaning
– sleeping in her own bed
– putting herself back to sleep
– not losing pacifiers in the bed

The hardest part, and probably why I haven’t done this yet, is that I need sleep to work. I don’t like coffee, so a caffeine perk isn’t an option. I am also home alone on weeknights, so sleep training is left to me.

What’s a mother to do? I want to use the upcoming July long-weekend to give it another go but where do I start? I refuse to Ferber and don’t know if I have the patience for Pantley. I need a game plan and resources to do this.

What is (was) your favourite/most effective sleep training method?


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