Dancing the night (and anxieties) away

This past weekend, the family hoofed it out to Michigan for a family wedding. I love spending time with family and when they get together, memories are made, but I have to deal with my anxiety first.

I am not a good traveler. I wasn’t always this way, but years of packing for vacations so you are ready for rain, sleet or snow have had a negative effect on my stress levels. Now add packing for a family of three and a 5 hour drive to another country.

Lists are what I live and breathe when we travel, and it helps; not once have I ever forgotten something vital whether packing for a trip or tossing all our things in a bag to come home again.

Surprisingly, A did really well on the drive there and back, despite how much it messed up her daily routine. She loved seeing the family and getting all the attention. Most of all, she loved (and I mean LOVED) dancing at the wedding reception. When music is playing, she can’t help herself. The moment she could get out of her chair she was on the dance floor, twirling, wiggling and shaking to the music. She stole the show! And that night, she fell asleep on the way back to the hotel having tired herself out so much that she didn’t budge when I changed her into her pj’s and set her down for the night. That evening made the trip, the memories and all the anxiety worth it.

I can, and will, do it again. I’ll just have to take A dancing first.


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