>Paying Homage to My Poppy…

>I just had to share this with everyone…*warning, may induce tears*

Today marks the 5th “anniversary” of the passing of my grandfather. He was a highly respected and loved man in my family. He loved having grandkids and passed two days before my older brother’s wedding. At that time, two of my cousins, who are SILs were expecting their first babies. Now, 5 years later, my SIL and myself are also expecting our firsts.

My aunt, and my grandfather’s only daughter, went to visit his grave site today. She just told me that she told him all about my baby (Baby Bee), my SILs baby and all the babies that have been born since he died. I couldn’t help but burst into tears when she said this because I was only 20 when he passed and never got to see me get married or now become a mom.

I am so glad that my father reminds me of my grandfather. I can’t wait to be able to put my baby in his arms and remember being held by my grandfather.

I’ll stop blubbering now…I just wanted to share what my Aunt told me and to pay homage to my “Poppy”. DH and I have decided that if we have a boy, we will name him Liam; a short form of my grandfather’s name…

William Alan H****** – June 22, 1925 to August 19, 2004


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