>week 36 OB appointment


Here I am home again from another DA. The office was crazy busy today so I was expecting a short visit, but I have to say that I had one of the more satisfying appointments than I have had in weeks.

I have gained 3lbs in the past two weeks which puts me at 33 total pounds gained. My OB told me that I can use pregnancy as an excuse, lol. (as an aside, my SIL has only gained 18 lbs, which bummed me out a little cause she’s a week ahead of me).

The RN had to do my BP twice because we were chatting the first time. She said the first one was too high so I tried to stay quiet the second time. It’s good, but then again I’m not sure I know what “normal” is.

In the OB’s office I was told that my GBS culture came back negative, so I am practically healthy as I can possibly be! He told us that we were right about the position of the baby because we both felt that the bum was nice and high and that s/he is to the right. The HB is also nice and strong. DH asked about the speed and the OB explained that it’ll stay that fast, even after birth. During labor, we should expect it to be around the 140 range.

I then asked OB if there were any more tests. He said no, that the next test was labour (lol), but that he might send us for another u/s to check on the size and position of baby. I figure that it’ll be nice to see baby one more time before the birth…that is unless I give birth before we can have the u/s!

So, all is well and we go again next week. Time is counting down and as my OB put it “we’ll see each other each week and become a big happy family!”


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