>6 month OB appointment

>I had my 6 month appointment today…a week later than normal, but we were on vacation last week.

I cannot believe that in the last 4 weeks I’ve gained about 7 lbs! That’s more or less what I’ve gained in the past 5 months before it. However, it felt good when the RN showed me my weight chart, wrote down the number and told me that I was doing a good job. I really like her…I should really find out what her name is!

The OB is pretty happy, too. Both he and the RN made comments on how I’m growing, mentioning that I wasn’t out as much the last time I was in. Baby even gave the OB a hard time finding the heartbeat (again) because it was moving around so much!

I also asked my OB about the hip pain I’ve been having and the hemroids. The hip pain is normal, but I didn’t think to ask him what to do about it. The hemroids he said are also normal, however he explained them better than any internet source I read. Most sources said it had to do with an influx of hormones. He said that the baby is resting on my intestines, which is pushing the tissues which cause the hemroids. As long as I don’t overdo the activity (like I did in the garden on saturday), I should be able to cope.

Next appointment is in 3 weeks when I also have my 1 hour glucose test. I also got my registration package for the hospital. Apparently it takes 2-4 weeks to get a consulting nurse to contact me, so I’ll start the calls now! I was also told that the hospital offers prenatal classes that are 9am to 4pm on a Saturday, but it costs $200. I think I’m going to find another resource. Any ideas?

All in all, everything is good with my active little baby!


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